About JayArteeReviews


Hi. I quit my job during a pandemic because I was tired and stressed and very arrogant. Indulge my quarter-life crisis by checking out some posts!

I try and listen to a bit of everything, from modern classical to Welsh language tracks, Grime to Ambient. Most popular albums and projects will get coverage of course.

Stick around to find out more about me – by reading, listening, and watching all the musical content I can plough through.


How are your albums scored?

Albums are scored on a .5 scale – from 0, 0.5 etc up to 10. Overall this means there are 20 overall scores an album could receive. A 5 is awarded to a project I find average, whilst a 7 indicates an album deserves at least one listen. Hopefully that gives you a rough idea of what scores actually mean!

I have some music I’d like you to listen to, will you?

Of course. If you head to the contact page, there’s a few ways of getting in touch with myself. It’s probably most reliable to email myself.

Who is JayArtee?

JayArtee is one singular man, but JayArtee isn’t my name. It’s my initials (J, R and T) spelt out phonetically. Don’t ask why I chose it, I’ve paid for the domain now.